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E1660-136 Silver Ink
 E-Commerce Pen Sensor
E1660-136 Silver Pattern on Intelicoat Conductive PVC Film Membrane Switch Pad on
PET Film
Silver Circuit Reel-To-Reel
Web Screen Print
TriPad Biosensor Pattern E0430-125 Graphite Ink (Working/Counter)


TriPad Biosensor Pattern
R-414 (Reference Electrode)


Blood Glucose Biosensor Connector Portion


PTF Gold R-464 (50X Image)


Ercon's Patented Ag/AgCl Technology in Capillary Fill Blood Glucose Sensor Test E6165-116 Blue Insulayer™
Sensor Connector and Electrochemical Interface Zone


Ercon PTF Gold Screen Printed Microwells (Screen: 325 SS Mesh, Cure: 2 Min. @ 135C)
E0430-128 Chloridised Silver Print QC Test Pattern

200X Image of R-414 (Ag/AgCl) Chloridised Silver Flake Coating

Electrochemical Sensor Strip Employing Ercon Insulayer™, Ag/AgCl, and Graphite PTF Inks R-488B-B2 Blue Insulayer™ Silver Printed Circuit
Low-Temp Cure PTF
Gold Environmental Lead Sensor (50X Image)


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