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 Since its inception in 1967, Ercon has focused on evolving conductive particles technologies and developing coating materials which provide improved product performance and process ability. Many of Ercon's products have been designed to specifically address custom requirements of printers and device manufacturers in the electronics and medical diagnostics industries, optimizing coating properties to provide our customers with advantages in economy and performance. Ercon is dedicated to advancing the functionality of conductive materials to enable our customers additional capabilities in the areas of diagnostic sensor technologies, such as electrochemical and force-sensitive applications.

 Ercon manufactures an extensive line of Polymer Thick Film inks and conductive compositions, providing innovative products for a wide array of applications. These coatings are employed by companies using a variety of application techniques, such as screen-printing (flat-bed and rotary), flexographic/rotogravure, slot-die extrusion, spray and dip coating.

 Our products are used worldwide for their performance, reliability, print quality, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. Ercon is committed to providing its customers with high quality products and services. This commitment has led Ercon to become a leading manufacturer and preferred source for electrochemical sensor coating materials worldwide.

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